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China Accidental Emergency Medical Insurance

If you are a frequent traveller to the Mainland, make sure you are well covered whether you are travelling for business, leisure or family visit in China. Hospital admission can be delayed if the victim cannot hand in sufficient deposit even though he is suffering from an accident and is in need of emergency medical assistance.

But with our China Accidental Emergency Medical Card safely in your pocket, you are free from worrying about such surprise. In case of emergency, you can be immediately admitted into the hospital for urgent treatments without fretting about cash on hand.

In the event of accident, our cardholder can receive prompt medical assistance with no admission deposit required from the emergency-support hospital network recognized by The Ministry of Health P.R. China and the Bureau of Medical Administration Health Department of the General Logistics Departments People's Liberation Army of China.

Product Highlights

  • Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR) for broader coverage, or coverage for Guangdong Province only available to match your needs

  • No limit to the number of visits and duration of stay

  • 24-hours toll-free (collect call only) Beijing and Hong Kong emergency hotline service

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