Luen Fung Hang Life Limited

Comprehensive Personal Accident Insurance

Our Personal Accident Insurance offers you 24-hours worldwide protection against unforeseeable personal accidents and liability incurred. In the event of traffic accident, double benefits will be indemnified if you were a fare-paying passenger. Our plan is ready to offer relief to additional medical and treatment expenses as a result of accidental bodily injury. From now on, you can greet each day knowing you are protected and feeling at peace.

Product Highlights

  • Double benefits up to the limit of MOP2,000,000 can be indemnified for death as a result of traffic accident

  • Worldwide personal liability protection up to the limit of MOP250,000

  • Additional protection for medical expenses and Chinese bonesetter treatment as a result of accidental bodily injury

  • No claim benefit

  • 24-hours toll-free (collect call only) emergency hotline service

For more information on our Fire Insurance, please feel free to contact our agent banks or us directly

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