Luen Fung Hang Life Limited

Motor Vehicle Insurance

To fully enjoy each ride with no worries on your mind, be prudent to choose our comprehensive Motor Insurance. Even in an unfortunate event of a car accident, you know our all-round protection is available to cover your loss of effect, at the same time benefits can be indemnified in case of death, bodily injury and/or property loss of passengers and third party.

In accordance to the Decree Law No 57/94/M of November 28 enforced by the Macao SAR government, vehicles must be insured by the compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Policy) which protects the owner or driver of the vehicle insured from legal liability to compensate the death, bodily injury or property loss of third party and passengers arising out of negligence or careless driving.

Our company also provides Motor Insurance for public vehicles used in mass transit to offer adequate protection to passengers in case of accident. Vehicle owner is also encouraged to adopt additional protection against the following risks:

  • Impact, collision or vehicle turnover

  • Fire, lightning or explosion

  • Burglary or robbery

  • Glass breakage or fracture

  • Flood, typhoon, windstorm or other convulsions of nature

For more information on our Fire Insurance, please feel free to contact our agent banks or us directly

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