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Revision of Compensation Limits and Premium Tariff

        Pursuant to the Executive Order No. 27/2020 publish on the Official Gazette dated 27 July 2020, the stipulation of the limits of compensation under the Employees’ Compensation Insurance (Decree Law No. 40/95/M of 14 August) is revised with effect from 11 September 2020, details of which are set out below:

Decree Law No. 40/95/M of 14 AugustRevised Limits (MOP)
Specific limit for each employee3,150,000
Prosthesis & Orthopaedic appliancesa) initial supply and fitting       24,800
b) repair or renewal                74,600
Permanent IncapacityMinimum limitMaximum limit
Fatal Compensation324,0001,080,000
Funeral Expenses4,60017,800

        To commensurate with the increased risk exposure, the tariff premium is increased by 2% by the Executive Order 26/2020 published on 27 July 2020.

        Under this circumstance, we wish to advise that all Employees’ Compensation policies in Macau, whether they are renewed or still in force, on or after 11 September 2020 should cover the new limits stipulated under the aforesaid order. As such, premium for all policies with effective date on or after 11 September 2020 will be charged on the new and revised premium tariff rate. Additional premium on pro-rata basis will be charged for the unexpired period of insurance on all policies which are still in force at the maturity time; if the pro-rata additional premium is less than MOP100, it shall then be waived. Endorsement to that effect will be issued to you accordingly.

Luen Fung Hang Insurance Co., Ltd.

21st August 2020

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